Book Pricing

Book Pricing

The final pricing of your book is determined after your manuscript has gone through the production phase and has been formatted to the selected trim size of either 5×8 or 5.5×8.5. The following table is not a guarantee, but only an estimate of how PENDIUM book pricing is determined. As the author, this is not your cost per copy but rather the retail price range. You, as the author, would pay only the print cost of your book whenever you order copies.

Book SizeWord CountPrice Range
107 or less20,000 or less$8.95 to $10.95
108 – 200 pages30,000 – 56,000$10.95 to $12.95
204 – 300 pages56,000 – 80,000$13.95 to $16.95
304 – 400 pages80,000 – 110,000$17.95 to $20.95
404 – 500 pages110,000 – 140,000$21.95 to $23.95

Pricing by PENDIUM takes into consideration that most booksellers, such as, will discount your book once placed on their site. For example, if PENDIUM priced your book at $14.95, Amazon would discount your title and sell it around $10.47 to their customers – resulting in an even better price for your readers. Note that even though a retailer may discount your book, PENDIUM bases your royalties on the price we set your book at and monies collected from these sales.

If you should have any questions about the chart above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.


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