How does PENDIUM differ from the traditional publishing houses?
PENDIUM allows you, the author, to retain exclusive rights to your work without losing creative control. Unlike the major publishing houses, your book never goes out of print and you’re always an A-list author with us. In addition, we don’t determine whether we’ll publish you again by your last book’s sales history. Our doors are always open regardless of whether you’ve sold ten books or ten thousand.

How does publishing with PENDIUM work?
Print-on-demand publishing allows your book to be printed whenever there’s an order placed. It is very cost-effective for the author because it eliminates the need for you to house or order thousands of books at a time.

Does it cost me, as an author, anything to publish my book with PENDIUM?
Even though we accept manuscripts that we believe to have true potential, PENDIUM does charge for cost associated with publishing your book. Note that PENDIUM separates itself from other On Demand publishers by allowing our authors to receive 100% of their royalties on all bookstore sales. You don’t share a dime with us, as we’ve designed PENDIUM to be advantageous to our authors and their success. Our profit is earned from sales made directly at our site, of which you receive 75% of anytime your book is ordered.

Will my book be on bookstore shelves?
Bookstores will be able to search for, find, and order your book on-demand. Your book will be accessible to over 25,000 book retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online. But with any brick-and-mortar bookstore, shelf space is limited and books are stocked mostly due to customer demand. It’s impossible to house every author that has ever written a book on the shelf of your local Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million. Be aware that your book being on a bookstore shelf doesn’t guarantee or determine whether your book will sell.

What discount is offered to bookstores and online venues such as Amazon.com?
PENDIUM offers the industry standard discount of up to 55% to retailers, such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc. in order that your book is not disadvantaged in any way.

Is PENDIUM selective in the books it chooses to publish?
Because it is always our corporate goal to publish quality works that add value to the world of literature, we reserve the right to be selective in the material we choose to publish. We firmly believe that our authors and their work represent PENDIUM to the fullest degree. In addition, we want you, as a potential author of PENDIUM to know that you’re associated with a publisher who stands for excellence in the publishing industry.

Will PENDIUM own the rights to my work?
You, the author, will retain exclusive rights to your work. By doing so, you have complete autonomy to pursue other literary avenues without giving up control for five years or more as the case with some traditional publishing houses.

How long will it take for my book to be published?
Unlike traditional publishers where it can take up to a year or more before your book is released, PENDIUM will have your book complete within 90 to 120 days, depending on your level of needs and the time of your submission.. Note that editing is done on a first-come first-served basis. At any time, there is a possibility that there are several manuscripts waiting for editing. These are edited in the order they are received. Your patience will be rewarded with a professionally edited manuscript for your review.

What book formats does PENDIUM PUBLISHING offer?
Your book can be published in paperback, hardcover, and as an e-book (i.e. kindle version).

Can I use a book cover I’ve already had designed?
In cases where the author already has an existing book cover or wishes to contract their own artist, the cover must meet certain standards of professionalism and design specifications. Any book cover that we deem to give the appearance of a self-published book will not be approved. Be aware that your cover must consist of a front/back/spine to be considered a complete book cover. Anything less, cannot be used.

Can I skip the editing part of the PENDIUM process?
To maintain the highest of standards in the publishing industry and the products we introduce, we highly recommend that our authors not bypass this step. Very seldom does any manuscript contain zero errors. We do allow our authors to either use PENDIUM for editing or contract their own professional editor at their own expense. For freelance editing services, we recommend you visit elance.com.

What’s the best way to submit my manuscript?
Your most cost-effective option is to submit your manuscript and all required submission material online, but you may do so by mail if you prefer.

Will PENDIUM provide me with a proof copy?
Once the production of your book is complete, we will provide you with a free pdf proof prior to submitting it to the printer. This pdf will be the formatted version of your book that the printer will receive. It is extremely important that you review the proof and are satisfied with the work at this stage. If any changes are needed to this formatted pdf, PENDIUM will make up to 15 free changes as a courtesy. Any desired changes to the formatted pdf beyond 15 will incur a charge of $2.50 per change. If these changes are requested prior to the work being formatted then there is no charge. Once your book has been submitted to the printer, the printer will charge a fee for any files needing to be resubmitted that has incurred changes (i.e. book cover, interior file, etc.). If you desire a hard copy version of your book for review, there is a cost of $45 charged by the printer.

When will I receive royalty statements?
Along with payments of $25 or more due to you, royalty statements are mailed within 45 days of the end of the quarter – detailing your earnings from sales.

What discounts do I receive when purchasing my book as a PENDIUM author?
Instead of offering you a discount off the list price of your book like most On Demand publishers, each time you purchase copies of your title from us you will only pay the actual printing cost that is incurred to produce your book. If your book cost $3.30 to print, you pay only $3.30 per book (plus UPS shipping/handling) when you order copies.

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