PENDIUM is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the diverse needs of authors choosing the self-publishing route. Since we believe one size doesn’t fit all in the publishing business, PENDIUM prides itself on listening to each individual author’s vision and then offering the best publishing option to meet, and then exceed, the author’s expectations.

Our mission is simple. As your publisher, we…

  • Offer you what we would want if we were the author.
  • Provide exceptional service from beginning to end, and then beyond.
  • Produce a quality product that you’ll be proud of.

With a talented and hardworking team of individuals, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we can produce, rather than the quantity of authors we can publish. Because of this, the result is a better product and better service for you. With enthusiasm and energy, PENDIUM brings literary dreams to fruition by committing to work on each book as if it were in the hands of a traditional publisher.

You’ll discover that this is the main reason PENDIUM insists on screening submissions, in order to ensure we are not publishing less than quality writing. As a result, submissions are sometimes turned down, regardless of an author’s willingness to pay. We believe a company with criteria for what they produce speaks volumes about who they are, and who you – as a potential PENDIUM author – are affiliated with. You wouldn’t want to associate your book with anything less.

Separating PENDIUM from its competitors, most whom will publish anything as long as you pay them, is our guarantee to focus on honesty, affordability, and a quality product. PENDIUM is not a company that will charge high, extraneous fees to bring your book to market. We will never try to upsell anything such as marketing services or anything beyond what you’ve decided you need. PENDIUM has no sales people. There are never any sales pitches – ever.

Your success as an author is our priority. Joining the PENDIUM family earns you a 100% royalty from all monies collected via sales generated at Amazon.com, BN.com, and other online venues (minus print cost / Amazon discount). This means you don’t share your royalties with PENDIUM beyond those book orders placed directly from our website. Why do we offer you all your royalties when most others don’t? We simply believe you should reap the monetary rewards from your hard work and marketing efforts – not us. There’s no catch, no hidden cost – just fair self-publishing.

Everything An Author Needs For A Chance To Succeed.
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