Pastor R.W. Ray

Pastor R.W. Ray was born Roberta Walener Ingram in Northampton County, NC to Roszella Ingram – Powell & Hubert Turner on June 10th, 1944. She has 6 children, a host of grandchildren & great grandchildren. In North Carolina she visited several churches looking for a church home. In 2006 as she sat in a church that she was visiting at the time, she was grieved as church went on; due to, how her children and grandchildren were not utilizing the beautiful gifts that God gave them, also it was extremely difficult to bring her husband to church in the condition that he was in after the massive stroke he had. God’s Holy Spirit moved giving her an unction to start a church in the home. That way she would not have to struggle to get her husband out to a church, and her children as well as grandchildren would be able to use the beautiful gifts that God gave them to sing, praise dance, play instruments, lead devotional & praise service… in October 2007 Bethel Outreach Ministry was birthed. In November 2007, Roberta was Ordained as The Pastor of Bethel Outreach Ministries by Pastor Shirley Demby of Straightway Temple Church in Zebulon, NC.