Prophet T.D. Suggs

Prophet Suggs received salvation in 2002 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In 2006 after clearly hearing the Lord speak to him, “Many are called but few are chosen” he accepted the call to preach the gospel. In obedience to the Lord, Life Resurrection Church was established by Prophet Suggs in March 2014. He was affirmed as a Prophet, November 2017. Prophet Suggs has been given the opportunity to share the gospel via television and radio. He has appeared on Atlanta Live & TCT Triangle Alive and various radio stations. He loves his family and telling people about JESUS. His passion is praying for the sick and watching God heal them. His favorite scripture is I John 4:4. Prophet Troy Suggs loves God and feels that he’s forever in God’s debt for snatching him out of the kingdom of darkness.