​Little Mirror

Author : Josephine Jenkins-Bridgers
Paperback : No longer available
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-07-9

Little Mirror, is an electrifying story about a mythical character that has the power to liberate our burdens. This mythical character uses the colors of the rainbow as an active force, to obliterate any type of trouble that exists. This creature helps every being on the earth, with a self-effacing attitude. In completion of his mission, all the troubles that existed, are obliterated. With love throughout the earth, Little Mirror retreats in the sky and becomes the Sun. This story is the essence of a child’s dream because it offers hope and beauty, the core of all dreams, even adults, can enjoy this uplifting story.​

Josephine Jenkins-Bridgers has always strived to find solutions to different situations and since she likes beauty, poetry, and short stories - they are her innate gifts. Some of her poems were featured in the local paper, the Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, and have been critically acclaimed. She is a recent graduate of Edgecombe Community College with a degree in Medical Assisting.​