A Black Cop in the South

In Spite of Everything

Author : Ronald Kaye Rawlings
Paperback : 116 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0972458665


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The author, Ronald Rawlings, carries you through the many pitfalls and the countless amounts of times he was devastated by discrimination and life’s setbacks in the South because he’s Black, and because he wanted to be a cop. The book then turns into a self-motivational piece because he was able to persevere all of the roadblocks, stereotypes, and the negativity that goes along with being raised by a single black mother with several kids in the South. The main message from the book is that education is the key, education is a roadmap, but it does not trump racism in the South.

Ronald Kaye Rawlings
Ronald Kaye Rawlings honorably ended a tour of the US Army as a Military Policeman and began his career as a Clayton Police Officer in North Carolina. After four and a half years as a Clayton Police Officer, he would pursue his life long dream as a North Carolina State Trooper after being turned down three times. For 26 years he worked with the Highway Patrol before he honorably retired with the rank of District First Sergeant and a Master's Degree in Administration.​