A Day Parable for Balancing a Fluid Life

Author : Garla Glover-Smith
Paperback : 48 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-64-9


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As women of faith, Our walk with God and family can be the most important thing we do in our lifetime. Many at the end of their lives never wish for more time to build their careers or make more money but they do have a longing to have created more meaningful relationships with God and their loved ones. On the flip side, various circumstances require a stronger focus on career such as a change in life seasons, preparation for a pending divorce, a child headed to college or covering the healthcare costs for a sick family member. This story is a quick read about a mother, wife, caretaker and career woman encountering a major career opportunity. With all of her responsibilities, she must decide if it is time to go after a job that will give her family more income, better use of her skills and the ability to spread the gospel even further. This career move will challenge many areas of her life. How will her family manage this career move? Will her self-care change? How will she be able to manage all her responsibilities? Be encouraged by this short day parable with over 20 Bible Study questions to help facilitate self- reflection or use in a small study group.

Garla Glover-Smith
Garla Glover-Smith, a writer, entrepreneur, career coach and educator who has a heart for helping women of all walks navigate work life balance through their various life seasons. She is the cofounder and CEO of Smart Moms, a staffing company created to help women connect with employers who are seeking committed part-time, contract and virtual workers and legitimate resources. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and Career Development Facilitator, she approaches career development in a systematic and process-oriented manner that has been effective with thousands of individuals throughout the U.S.