A Road Called Life

Author : Erica Collins
Paperback : 164 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-15-4


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Come travel A Road Called Life and discover the strength and power that is in you. Discover that you have the ability to overcome every obstacle in your way. Empower your mind, body and spirit to start believing all you dream of is possible! Gain some understanding of who you are in this world and what you’ve been called to do. This book is strength and inspiration imparted to you in the form of poetry. It’s the words of a woman that is walking down A Road Called Life. She shares her experiences, victories, setbacks, blessings, and losses in life.

A Road Called Life is conversations in prayer with God that will inspire you to reach for something greater in your life.?

Erica Collins was born and raised in Wichita, KS. She is the fourth child of six children. She has one thirteen year old daughter, Shakayla. She is currently working toward obtaining a degree in psychology with hopes of eventually creating a resource center to help young adults walk this road called life.