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C.P.R. for Women

A Woman’s Guide to Resuscitating Her Life

C.P.R. for Women, A Woman’s Guide to Resuscitating Her Life

Author : Laura Lawson
Imprint : PENDIUM
ISBN : 978-1-936513-34-5
Language : English
Dimensions : 5.5 x 8.5


This book will help reshape the way you live, work, manage money, and deal with intimate relationships with your family, friends, lovers and most important God. Have you ever found yourself all revved up to start something new, but then losing steam and interest too quickly? You now feel tired, burnt out and emotionally dead inside. You need to read (C.P.R) For Women: A Woman’s Guide to Resuscitating Her Life.

You often feel this emotional emptiness because you have not learned to focus on unfinished business and deal with all the things in your life needing healing, closure, and surrender. Your current situation is marking a period of deep emotional awareness. You might need to dive deep into your soul at a discomforting level. Look at the choices you have made and take a good look at YOUR role in your life, career, financial and relationship problems. It can be a time of “chickens coming home to roost” anywhere in your life where you have refused to take responsibility and now it presents itself at your doorstep. This is now an opportunity, even though it may feel like a curse. Learn how to Choose wisely, Prepare your mind and React to life’s challenges.

Laura Lawson
Laura Lawson is a first time author who prides herself on having worn the hats of many different women in such a short life span. She is truly a woman of inspiration, a person of true diligence and someone with experience as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend to many people in her life. She also has a background in retail management, business, finance, economics, education, consulting, and nonprofit management. She believes that through her book C.P.R for Women, she will help women make better decisions by showing them how to Choose wisely, Prepare their mind and React to life challenges. She believes that there are so many women in need of this life changing message.​


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