Caught Up!

Author : Candra Ward
Paperback : 228 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-85-7


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Patience Tate, a single mother and CEO of an image consulting company – Tate’s Imaging, is in love with the tall, dark, and handsome Chase McNeil, who is also the CEO of his own marketing firm, and an award winning humanitarian of the year. They are the perfect couple who portray a true Godly relationship – until a betrayal comes to light. Patience takes on a whole new persona when her life spirals out of control, and does nothing but go down. Her dignity is compromised by a deep longing to fulfill the rejection and loneliness that was brought on by a third party – Sasha Manning. Her life does seemingly have hope when Michael Clasp, a well-mannered gentlemen of average presence enters her world, but is he enough to fulfill her needs? Will she move on to the future or stay stuck in her past because of familiarity? Michael Clasp also has to make a decision if he is going to stay in Patience’s life or move forward with his new interest. In the meantime, Patience is playing tug-of-war with God and wondering where her crucial decision will land her. In the end, someone will have the final say.

Candra Ward
Candra Ward Gibson is the author of the amazing autobiography ‘In My Mind.’ She also travels and speaks to many organizations and institutions on personal growth and purpose. Candra is a native of Philadelphia who now resides in South Florida.