Child Speak Out

Author : J. Bridgers
Paperback : No longer available
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-80-2

Child Speak Out is based on the true story of a young girl’s life, a life filled with uncertainties and pain. Through it all, the girl struggles to rise above the negative effects of mental and physical abuse that have plagued her family. Josie, the main character, searches for a place of solace, freedom and empowerment.

Later on in life, she discovers her passion, the innate gift of writing poems. As she matures, her inspirations exceed all her fears. Josie realizes that if she wants to empower herself, she must release the disenfranchised and oppressed nature she has come to know within. Her heartfelt story will serve as a bolt of lightening, waking you up to a more empowered being.

J. Bridgers has always strived to find solutions to different situations and since she likes beauty, poetry, and short stories - they are her innate gifts. Some of her poems were featured in the local paper, the Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, and have been critically acclaimed. She is a recent graduate of Edgecombe Community College with a degree in Medical Assisting.​