Compassionate Management

Reducing Stress at Work

Author : Angela Fresne
Paperback : 174 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-96-0
Publishing Format : 5.5 x 8.5


Bickering employees, unattainable targets, information overload, shifting priorities……the first-line manager is in the hot seat for stress.

Today’s managers need more than the fundamentals of people management, they need to know how to manage stress and stressful situations with compassion. Compassion for themselves first, and compassion for the people they are working with.

In Compassionate Management : Reducing Stress at Work, Angela Fresne provides insight to the core skills needed to be an effective manager, with a deep focus on stress management techniques. She draws from her corporate career and studies in Cognitive Behavior Therapy to provide ways to :

• Explore and self-assess key management skills
• Build a management framework
• Apply principles of compassionate management
• Manage emotions, stress and the top workplace stressors

You’ll find page after page of practical tips and techniques, stories from the front line and exercises to get to know yourself better. This book will teach you to minimize and manage stressful situations a manager faces every day. Read it now and start applying the techniques. Come back to it again and again as you are faced with new, challenging situations at work.

Angela Fresne
Angela Fresne is a writer, coach and trainer with a focus on helping others to learn how to successfully manage themselves, their careers and their employees. She worked for 24 years in an international career for IBM as an award-winning marketer. During that time, she rose from secretary to Director of Marketing and developed a compassionate management philosophy, bringing together ongoing learning, research and experience with a focus on communication, collaboration and cultivating individuals and team.