Culture Shock

Author : Dr. Katrina Sweet​
Paperback : 96 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-98-7
Cover : 5 x 8


Empirical research has explored the behaviors and characteristics of women for centuries. These studies addressed unacknowledged feelings and covert behaviors directed towards other women. Women are known as vicious and covertly malicious creatures. The way in which a woman can hurt or insult another woman is often subtle and harder to detect. From rivalry to competitiveness, from indirect aggression to passive aggression, there is no doubt such behaviors are mounting with no signs of stopping. It is true, women relationships are naturally intense; however, when these characteristics surround women, it has the potential to penetrate every relationship women have with other women, regardless of the context of the relationship. More importantly, this is more prevalent in the black community and among black women. How do you persevere in the midst of adversity and conflict? The better question is how do you handle it when you are the object of a black woman’s viciousness? From an organizational perspective, culture shock provides a systemic approach to being different and maintaining your dignity when it is no longer business but personal. This book provides real live experiences of professional women as well as insight and tools that can help women build productive relationships by creating alliances out of conflict.

Dr. Katrina Sweet​
Dr. Katrina Sweet earned her PhD from Capella University in Organization Management, a MPA from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a BA in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Wesley an College. Dr. Sweet is a national motivational speaker. She is often sought out to speak to youth audiences, adult audiences, and to facilitate workshops focused on educational disparities, organization management, leadership, parenting, and sexual abuse. Visit the Author's website at