Dege’s Poetry

Author : Deblen Edge
Paperback : 68 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1944348878



In the next few pages you will find,

What really comes out of the back of my mind,

They may not be professional like most poems people read,

But they bring cross the fact,

That as well as myself, other people,

Have hearts and feelings,

Some express in words,

Some express in music,

Some express in Love,

Some express in a field I have not the knowledge of,

To be very successful as time passes on,

I put them all together and I am doing



Deblen Edge was born in North Carolina and graduated from high school in June 1972, after which she moved to the New York and New Jersey area where she lived for a several years, after which she enlisted into the United States Air Force in 1978, from there her life was filled with travels to places such as: Japan, Korea, Germany, Belgium, England, Turkey, France and Honduras as well as several states. Currently, Deblen is completely retired and lives in Maryland.