Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step

An Autobiography

Author : Dr. Robert Louis Shepard, PhD
Paperback : 332 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0-9978286-1-0


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Dr. Robert Louis Shepard was born a dreamer, but he is also an achiever with a deep faith who has studied and worked hard to accomplish whatever he has undertaken. In Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step, Shepard details his life, the influences—personally and professionally—that ultimately molded him into a successful scientist, scholar, entrepreneur, and role model for hundreds of individuals in the United States and abroad. This memoir provides a look at the historical context for Shepard’s life experiences and how these experiences interfaced with the history of African Americans in America to shape the man he’s become. While it offers examples of how Shepard parlayed his own life lessons into a successful business in the science and engineering fields, it has a broader purpose of laying down a blueprint for future generations across the spectrum of social, economic, historical, and political arenas in the United States.

Fulfilling My Destiny, Step By Step, shows how Shepard stood on a foundation of faith and courage, belief in the best of the human spirit, and care and love for all who entered his world to create a life of immeasurable fulfillment for himself, his family, and countless others. It is one man’s design for those desiring to achieve their dreams, conveyed with honesty and conviction based on a life of faith and reflection.

Robert Louis Shepard, PhD, earned a Bachelor’s in chemistry from Saint Augustine's University, and a Master's and a PhD in physical organic chemistry from Howard University. He launched Science and Engineering Alliance, Inc. and served as founding executive director for twenty-five years. He later formed The Shepard Institute (TSI), LLC. Shepard spends his time in Maryland and North Carolina with his wife. This is his first book.