Karma Is the Truth

Author : Tamissa L Armstrong
Paperback : 184​ pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-60402-970-3


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A quick hustle that Karma thought was temporary has gotten him mixed up in a life of corruption, conspiracy, and murder. He’s found himself connected in an attempt to build an empire and take over the city of Emerson, North Carolina from a real estate tycoon, Cal Gustavo – along with an associate named Venn.

Unknown to him, Venn has an agenda. With Karma’s slick, savvy and honest street ethics, Venn thinks he would be the perfect man he needs just to keep the FBI off his trail while he did his dirt. But to Venn’s dismay, Karma excels in the business and establishes more power and street recognition in less than a year, and makes millions.

Infuriated, Venn devises a plan to get rid of Karma by robbing him of his share of the money and threatening his entire family if he doesn’t leave town. Years of being gone, Karma secretly returns with plans of revenge. “Karma Is the Truth” constitutes elements of street romance, adventure, tragedy and revenge.

Tamissa Armstrong was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts were she received a degree in Culinary Arts. But writing has always been her hobby and favorite pastime since she was a young child. After relocating to North Carolina where she now resides with her son James, she turned her hobby into her first published novel “Karma is the Truth”. Her first but definitely not her last, Tamissa has several novels in the works.