Man in the Mirror

Author : Elder Troy Suggs
Paperback : 60 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-17-5


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As you read Man in the Mirror, you will understand why it’s important to see yourself the way Jesus sees you. Man in the Mirror was born out of everyday life experiences. As you take selfies and look in mirrors, what do you see? For Christians, sometimes it’s hard or down right impossible to see yourself as God does. This book will inspire the reader to become more effective in Christian living because it deals with the heart of a person and how you should take on the heart of God. You must first become more like Jesus, so that each time someone takes your photo or you look at your image in the mirror, you don’t see yourself but the One Who created you. Sit back relax and get ready to see what you really should look like.

Elder Troy Suggs
Elder Troy Suggs is known by several titles: husband, father, brother, son, uncle. The title that most accurately describes him would be servant: he loves the Lord with all his heart. The Lord has given him the assignment to take the Church outside of the four walls of the traditional buildings. The people outside those walls are the ones Elder Suggs enjoys reaching. His ministry focuses on outreach and equipping the less fortunate to become disciples of Christ. He knows what it’s like to be used by the enemy therefore; he has a passion to allow God to use him to win souls to His holy kingdom. Elder Suggs is a man of prayer who spends countless hours praying for the needs of others. The Lord has used him to pray for people in comas, in wheelchairs, and on life support - only to see God move on them as they come out of comas, no longer need wheelchairs, or leave hospitals within hours. Elder Suggs is always respectful and careful to give the glory to God, reminding all that he was just a willing vessel for God’s use. Elder Suggs has traveled across the globe sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has given him the opportunity to share the good news as well, by way of television and radio interviews