Author : Josephine Jenkins-Bridgers
Paperback : No longer available
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-23-9

Memento is a family treasure compiled to solicit joy and anticipation.

Offered in this book is a therapeutic look at how one family comes together to amaze and delight you. This collection features different genres but one philosophy, which is to unite a common goal, that goal is to create a masterpiece in words. Memento is a compliment to society by bringing the modern day poets to the front-line. Memento represents the author’s pain, as well as her joy.

It speaks to the dancers, song-writers, the singers, the football players the poetic-composers, etc. Discover your discipline now! Pave the road to succes with your own gift. Memento is my gift to you, to appease the struggles placed on a changing world.

Josephine Jenkins-Bridgers has always strived to find solutions to different situations and since she likes beauty, poetry, and short stories - they are her innate gifts. Some of her poems were featured in the local paper, the Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, and have been critically acclaimed. She is a recent graduate of Edgecombe Community College with a degree in Medical Assisting.​