My Four Grandparents

Chronicles of DeSoto Parish Louisiana

Author : Jerome F. White
Paperback : 144 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-21-2


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Sure, the stories of the Deep South during the 19th and 20th centuries are troubling. But, sometimes it’s good for us to look deeper and often we find great stories of love and triumph. This is such a story. My Four Grandparents highlights the lives of four dynamic people living in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana over the span of the 20th century. This book is about those people, those times and their deep ties to northern Louisiana, DeSoto Parish and the small town Frierson. My Four Grandparents recounts the stories of these beloved figures from the perspective of “kinfolk” who loved them passionately. It takes a journey through the Deep South and reveals that beneath all the ugliness of those turbulent times that love, family and sacrifice abounded. Poems, quotes, words of wisdom, and captivating facts have been compiled to chronicle both My Four Grandparents as well as their ancestor’s lives to cover two hundred years intimately associated with DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. These stories are rarely told. Join me on this journey because it is time to hear their story: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Jerome F. White
Jerome F. White, who was reared in Los Angeles, California, is the CEO of Fitzgerald Healthcare Consulting Services, Inc. Jerome is a lifetime member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and a graduate from Louisiana Tech University. In addition he is a member of Good Hope Presbyterian Church located in Frierson, Louisiana. He is married to Zina Stephanie White and has two children, Jered and Jonathan. Their family currently resides in Shreveport, Louisiana. With the sincere belief that all things are centered around God and family, Jerome has put his passion in writing.