Nina and the Bullies

Paperback : 64 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-83-3


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Nina and the Bullies is a colorful, delightfully written book to help rid the community of the awful disease of bullying. It is designed to show that anyone can be a victim of bullying no matter their race, size, or style. You may not believe it, but bullies need love too. They have issues, but they are human beings too. Nina and the Bullies will help parents and society to know the different signs of bullying and to become aware of how bad this disease is. This book gives some great scenarios and information to recognize and change the bullying situations in our lives. This book is also designed to make everyone more aware of what bullying is. With all the information gathered from websites, consults, a Psychologist, viewing the media, and actual personal experiences, “Nina and the Bullies” by Author Michelle Williams Turnipseed is a Best Seller! After Nina, age 12, moved from Connecticut to Washington DC with her family life became a nightmare. Walk through the trials and tribulations Nina faces as she grows and enters High School. Meet Nancy, Cheryl, and Nina’s brother Jay. Experience the life of a bully and her victims. Also read how the bullying problem is solved by the community!

MICHELLE WILLIAMS TURNIPSEED was raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She attended public schools in DC and Prince George County, MD. As a victim of bullying at a young age, she later became a bully herself for a short while. To help destroy this awful disease of bullying Michelle Turnipseed has developed Th e No Bully Zone ( to help with healing in our community. Michelle attends the First Baptist Church of Glenarden and lives in the Washington Metropolitan Area with her family.