Seeing God’s Greatness

In the Midst of a Void

Author : Tamika N. Johnson
Paperback : 68 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-00-7


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Seeing God’s Greatness in the Midst of a Void is an account of Tamika’s life revealed through her eyes as she experienced countless disappointments, distractions, the effects of low self-esteem, and voids while seeking love. She was silenced and visionless in the “natural being”; yet, she had the ability to see, hear, and forecast through her powerful gift from God. Tamika’s unyielding determination and eagerness to fill her life’s voids were aided by divine heavenly intervention. Follow her journey to see God’s greatness manifesting in her life.

Tamika N. Johnson
Tamika N Johnson was born in Cleveland, TN and is the mother of two beautiful children. She is the owner of Write Tyme Book Coaching and Ghostwriting Services and is the Editor-in-Chief of N’Deavor Magazine. Tamika has a God-given prophetic gift to compose and bring words to life, as she is a vivid, intense, and a passionate writer who loves to dig deep to create literature that stimulates, motivates, and insights change. Her first book entitled Seeing God’s Greatness in the Midst of a Void is an Amazon Best Seller for Biographies and Memoirs. Tamika earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Saint Augustine’s University and her Master’s Degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University.