Simple Self Defence

Author : E. Dean Arnold

Shonda Lassiter is a successful attorney who is at the top of her game, and on the verge of making partner in just 5 years at one of the most highly regarded law firms. She is a force to be reckoned with whenever she steps foot into the courtroom, and her tough exterior and confrontational nature makes her the “go to” defender for the high profile cases. Now with a "who's who" roster of star clients, she's making bigger moves and leaning towards leaving her group practice to start her own law firm. And for anyone who knows Shonda, failure is not an option.
But life can quickly be shaken…for everyone and everything. When Shonda’s father, who also happens to be the pastor at one of the largest mega churches in the city, is accused of murder, something he denies, Shonda’s love and belief in him won’t let her say “no” to taking on his case. She knows she’s the best one suited for the job. As Shonda attempts to grasp this new nightmare, she is on a mission to help prove her father innocent - even though all roads seem to lead to reasons why he’s not. As things are unearthed, Brice, a former police officer and head of church security, offers to lend a hand out of admiration and respect for his beloved pastor – and interest in Shonda. Although a mutual attraction could complicate matters, his help may be beneficial in clearing her father’s name. With every step forward seemingly landing her two steps back, Shonda fears this one may be a costly loss - one she can’t afford. Not only is her family depending on her, but the future of her father’s church also hangs in the balance - at least for the members who believe he’s innocent until proven guilty. But recent revelations will even leave Shonda second guessing the man who preaches thou shalt not kill. In the end, Shonda may find she’s been deceived by those that she trust the most.