Six Years Manless

Author : Cara Williams
Paperback : 140 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0-9816883-4-3


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The three ‘Jersey Girls,’ Kara, Pam, and Helen, have been best friends since childhood, and the men in their lives know that the girls are a package deal. Marry one, and you get all three. The ‘Jersey Girls’ grew up together, worked on their careers together, and proudly married prominent men on the same day. Kara’s marriage, however, ended in a bitter divorce from Mike – her unfaithful ex-husband who left her emotionally scarred with little trust in men. But now, six years later, she is finally moving past the sting of hurt and disappointment with Larry, her knight in shining armor. With Larry’s gentle touch, he coaxes her back into living a full and exciting life with him while she discovers love again. She realizes that he is the loving, attentive man she has always wanted. Or is he? Larry just may have a few secrets yet to be revealed.

Cara Williams was born and raised in a Christian home located in a small rural town in northern North Carolina. Reading at 10 years old, she enjoys reading good mystery books. She enjoys dancing and singing with the gospel group that she manages.​