Songs of the Heart

Author : Peaches High Jr.
Paperback : 80 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-95-3
Publishing Format : 5 x 8

Songs of the heart
Comes from deep within…
These I’ll share with you
It’s your heart I’m trying to win….
My heart cries out, my friend
It has much to share with you…
Listen to what it has to say
You may have been there too….
There’s joy to be sung about
Victories that’s been won…
Obstacles we’ve overtaken
In the name of His Son….
The beauty that the heart has
More lovely than the eye can see…
My heart cries out to you
I couldn’t keep it all to me….
Pain and sorrow
Are a part of this life we live…
There’s a song to be sung about it
A void that we all must fill….
Listen as my heart sings
As it sings these songs to you…
I pray that you enjoy them
It enjoys singing them to you!!!!!
Peaches High Jr.
The author was born in rural Franklin County, N.C. At a very young age, he fell prey to drugs and alcohol which eventually landed him in prison. While incarcerated, feeling lonely and in despair, he began to pray to God for deliverance and for God to give him something that he could share with his children and mankind. Thus, his poetry writing began.