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The Exceptional Jesus

Intimacy with Jesus

The Exceptional Jesus, Intimacy with Jesus

Author : George T Cromwell Sr
Imprint : PENDIUM
ISBN : 978-1944348885
Language : English
Dimensions : 5.5 x 8.5


The Exceptional Jesus demonstrates God calling His church to return to Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Over the years the body of believers, the church, has in many ways lost itself and forgotten its purposes for which God designed it. Some of the ways are obvious to us how the church has strayed from God. Some of the ways we have lost our direction are not obvious and known to us. From the known and unknown ways, we are where we are, God our Father is drawing us back to Himself. The Holy Spirit of God is inspiring us to return to His Word, to the basic principles upon which the Christian Church was established in preaching and teaching the pure gospel of the Cross, the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.

This book will increase your knowledge of the Triune God. It will help you:
• To live in God’s Presence.
• To be successfully in the secular, religious and Christian world.
• To receive the secrets of promotion and success.
• To solve issues of your experiences with God and man.
• To improve your discovery of victory in Jesus.
• To solve some of the greatest issues facing today’s church.

The Exceptional Jesus focuses on the loving and gracious power of God in His work in the lives of the laity and the church in reconciling us and loving us. Using biblical characters and his experiences, George T. Cromwell discusses the merciful,
gracious and loving strategies and methods of The Holy Spirit to give us victory in spiritual warfare and in our lives.

Rev. George T. Cromwell, Sr. began his ministry at the age of nineteen at Eastern Star Baptist Church in Tarboro, North Carolina. He attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N. C. He possesses a Master of Divinity Degree from Shaw University School of Divinity in Raleigh, North Carolina. He did farther post-graduate study at North Carolina Central University of Durham, N. C. He expresses his love for God, the Christian Church, the children of God and man in effective teaching and preaching God's word. A Baptist pastor for thirty years he retired. He retired from public school teaching of twenty-eight years. He also served as an adjunct professor of Shaw Divinity School. Teaching is a ministry for him. The proud father of three children, he has six grandchildren. He lives with his wife, Gail, in Garner, N. C. where he enjoys reading and playing Scrabble.


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