The Eyes of Greed

Author : Beverly Samuelson 
Paperback : 272​​ pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-59-8


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The story takes place in a small seaside town in New Jersey. It begins innocent enough with a town celebration. The story turns to murder among other sinister events over a period of time. The events tell of how a life of greed destroyed a family and how murder took control. Leaving one to understand the danger and result of fraud and corruption in government and what could take place even in a small town. How the lure of money will turn even the most innocent into a pawn for masters of corruption and stealing their souls so that their work of evil can prevail.

Beverly Samuelson 
While working in Manhattan, she attended writing classes and many seminars. Later, joined the New Jersey Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Through this organization she met a lot of great people that helped her develop her writing skill even more. Over the years she wrote marketing material for many companies and also wrote articles for a community newspaper.