The Little Girl Inside of Me

Author : Myi-Shanka McMillian
Paperback : 78 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0-9841899-2-2


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The Little Girl Inside of Me describes encounters of both physical and sexual abuse endured by a little girl who searched for venues of escape; however, found herself restrained to her mother’s abuse. This book overviews her thirst to be removed from her mother’s home and her journey to reach healing for the little girl that harbors inside of her. This book is an excellent resource for recovery and encouragement to the abused child or adult.

Myi-Shanka McMillian, a native of Wilmington, NC; born on December 29, 1983 has survived many encounters of abuse. In spite of all she has endured she has decided to grasp healing. Myi-Shanka uses her personal testimony as an illustration that God can truly heal and deliver people from ANY circumstance.​