The Parchments

Author : Albertine Williams
Paperback : 128 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0-9816883-7-4


The Parchments is a precious collection of poetry and inspiration designed to provide encouragement to the readers. Walk with Albertine through these pages that hold her response to the touch of God’s hand as she stood in the kitchen, walked across the parking lot, or drove the highway. Receive the same comfort she received as she was comforted by the Holy Spirit, through His leading, guiding, and teaching. Be blessed by what she was able to pour out after being poured into by the Savior.

Albertine Williams
Albertine Williams is a divorced single mom of two girls. She was born in Dumas, Arkansas and lived there until she was nine, when her parents separated. At that time she moved to Los Angeles, California where she attended school in the Los Angeles and Compton Unified School Districts. After the sudden death of her older sister she went to Kansas City to visit her siblings. Although it was just for a visit, Albertine only purchased a one way ticket because she wasn’t sure how long she would visit. It was ten years before she returned to L.A., and that was just for a visit.​