Ummm Ummph Umph Umph Umph

I ve been right along there

Author : Rosie Jane Ingram
Paperback : 64 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-57-4


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Ummm Ummph Umph Umph Umph – I’ve been right along there” is a collection of poetry and prose inspired by God. God gave Rosie Jane a unique gift to encourage her heart and soul to hold on as she travels down life’s roads with all its pitfalls and struggles. You will also be inspired by the communication as the anointing rest upon you. Ummm ummph!!! How loving, how awe inspiring God is. It’s humbling to know I live in this powerful state of GRACE with God’s throne right there for me to approach at times of need. I would’ve never known this if I had stayed on THAT ROAD. Freedom to choose is Powerful.​

Rosie Jane Ingram
Rosie Ingram is an artistic, creative, woman of God. She has a unique gift to communicate with God and His people. She has received many awards and is an avid speaker requested throughout the United States. “Ummm, Ummph, Umph, Umph, Umph”, is her first publication. She resides in Gladstone, Missouri with her devoted husband.​