What Was I Thinking?

Author : Camille Moore
Paperback : 238 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1944348557


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Growing up is hard and living with the choices we make along the way even harder, Anya Denning, a young, successful, interior designer continually finds herself asking the famous question, “What was I thinking?” Finishing college and making a name for herself in the world of interior design was her goal. Done. Now for once, maybe even twice, she hopes to make a relationship do more than just last. In Anya’s experience she finds that her long-time relationships are just that, time. In most cases, time wasted. She wants the American dream: marriage to a fine, not to mention, successful man, a career of her own, children, a beautiful home, luxury cars and fabulous vacations. Why doesn’t it ever feel as good as it sounds? Continually finding herself in dramatic messes with men seems to be the one constant of her relationships. What can possibly fill her when everything she’s worked so hard to make her happy leaves her empty, broken-hearted and lonely?

Told in her own words, Anya takes you on a journey of smiles, tears, heartache, laughter, pain and joy in her honest account of the men she’s loved, the life she’s lived and the process of learning to love herself.

Camille Moore
Camille currently resides in North Carolina with her amazing husband and two beautiful daughters, where she purposely determines to live every day to the fullest. Her writing is comedic, heartwarming, tragic, emotional, and even romantic, varying based on the particular story being told. No matter what she writes, it deals with real issues women face and can relate to in their own lives.For Camille, writing is freeing, liberating and keeps her encouraged to chase her dreams. Hopefully she will inspire you to chase yours.Camille’s motto: Do what you love. Remember to: Dream Big, Live Life, Love Hard, Inspire Others, Laugh Loud, but most importantly, Have No Regrets.