When Satan Peeps Into Your Future

Author : Dr. Ephraim John Udofia
Paperback : 140 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-0-9841899-8-4
Publishing Format : 5 x 8


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When Satan Peeps Into Your Future is a masterpiece that, if applied, will be a life-changing experience for those who, when blessed of God, face renewed efforts by Satan to destroy them. This book will give you the needful knowledge on what to do and how to overcome Satan for the assurance of your daily victories. Dr. Udofia skillfully models Jesus as our example interspersed with his own personal experiences and the citing of the inspired word of God. He gives the reader an ingathering of intelligent data of what Satan’s devices are in trying to abort your continuous victory, knowing what a blessed future you have in living for God. You, God’s child, will know, after reading and applying the principles and information how to combat and make null and void, what Satan tries to do.

Dr. Ephraim John Udofia
Dr. Ephraim John Udofia received Christ as his Lord and Savior on September 23, 1974. He’s been in ministry in different roles and responsibilities since 1976. He’s a former banker who was in charge of a celebrated Foreign Exchange Department of a commercial bank in liaison with Central Bank. Presently, Dr. Udofia is the Founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Apostolic Ministries, an international mission-intensive ministry, both in foreign and home missions.​