Where’s My Father?

Seeking and Finding God in the Expected and Unexpected

Author : Gary Francis
Paperback : 148 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-59-5


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Where’s My Father? is a memoir style book that is filled with stories of seeking and finding God in persons, places, and things both expected and unexpected. The book has a transparent, heart-revealing, and anecdotal vibe to it. The stories are crafted in a way that clearly invites readers into the author’s life but it never leaves readers to simply stay there.

In this book, Gary Francis cordially invites you into several adventures of epic proportions. This untold story transports you into a week of silence in a monastery in France, a surprise encounter in Thailand, a tough night out on the streets of Los Angeles, and a heart struggle in the soul of Uganda. However, that doesn’t begin to cover the extent of the adventure that lies before you.

Join the adventure and answer the question for yourself: Where’s My Father?

Gary Francis
Gary Francis is currently a Youth Coordinator who works with middle and high school students during the week. On the weekend, he is a Food Tour Guide with a company called Miami Food Tours. At night, he is an aspiring author writing books that call people back to the heart of God the Father.