Wise Thoughts

Book of Quotes

Author : Shayna Duncan
Paperback : 388 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1944348137


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The vision for this book of inspirational quotes is to take the reader on an introspective literary journey. A thematic approach is used to capture the peaks, valleys, mountains and plains that individuals encounter at various intervals in their lives. This dynamic collection of quotes provides a mental tapestry of hope and promise, while encouraging readers to embrace each experience as an opportunity to grow stronger, wiser and better.

You will be inspired to dream bigger, hope relentlessly, reflect honestly, and plan intentionally to meet each of life’s challenges with an essence of fortitude and anticipated victory.

The author has skillfully brought her personal experiences to the forefront by employing the human touch in brief insightful messages; as a result, you will be challenged to move on to the next dimension of your success!

Shayna Duncan
Shayna E. Duncan values the power of spoken words, cultivating relationships, celebrating individual differences, and building strong character. She holds a Bachelors degree from Wingate University in Psychology and Communications, and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Shayna has a deep-rooted passion for loving and empowering children to fulfill their divine purpose. Many affectionately revere her as "Mama Shayna" or "Aunt Shayna" showing their adoration towards her as confidant and friend. One of her mantras is "At times my path appears unclear, yet, I continue on; for the end is known from the beginning, and it is remarkably beautiful". Shayna is an avid reader, a prolific writer, and motivational speaker. life-coach, mentor, and teacher. She challenges herself and others to thrive beyond traditional norms while becoming one's best self through intentional reflection and purposeful living.