Women of Substance

Taking New Steps to New Dimensions

Author : Bishop Van I. Sharpe
Paperback : 96 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-35-9


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This book is written for every woman who feels like Enough is Enough. Bishop Van Sharpe has written a special gem that will help you to dismantle the plan of the enemy to keep you from bringing forth the great woman within. He will help you add depth, color, and character to help you finish creating the “Woman Of Substance” you have been called to be!

Bishop Van Sharpe believes, “You cannot beautify, what you don’t seek to edify.” In his newest book, he helps to edify and inspire women to take new steps into new dimensions that will bring hope and fulfillment.

Bishop Van I. Sharpe
BISHOP VAN IRVIN SHARPE is the founder and pastor of Newness of Life Christian Center in Tarboro, N.C. He has been pastoring for approximately 37 years. His ministry includes radio outreach, television ministry, evangelizing, and overseeing several pastors. He has authored twelve other books. He, along with his lovely wife, Resunester, has also released a music CD called “Determined.”