Optional Services

​Custom Book cover (if not included in selected package)

We will assign our design team to create a unique full-color front, spine, and back cover that fits with the theme of your book. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t charge additionally for a customized back cover. All artwork created will beautifully convey your vision and book’s message. View recent PENDIUM titles and the covers associated by clicking here.

Book cover – for Kindle (front cover only)

This option is only available for authors who have selected the kindle edition package. With it, we will assign our design team to create a unique full-color front cover that fits with the theme of your book.


Your work being professionally edited is crucial, whether by an editor contracted personally by you, the author, or having it edited through and by PENDIUM. Nothing will hinder your future as a successful author more than producing a book with grammatical errors or poor sentence structure. In our efforts to assist in making sure your best work hits the market, PENDIUM offers editorial services to its authors.

Hardcover Edition

With a new ISBN included, your book is produced in hardcover in order to give potential buyers an option of purchase. (Available only with paperback publishing)

Kindle Edition – for Amazon (paperback or hardcover publishing not required)

Additional formats, beyond just paperback/hardback, means the possibility of more exposure and sales for your book. Your book will be available for purchase on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices. This means any person with these devices/apps can instantly purchase and download your book, resulting in an immediate sale for you – the author. Payments are directly deposited into your checking account by Amazon, and are not shared with PENDIUM.

Proof Copy

Receive a printed copy of the finished book and cover for final review as opposed to receiving it via e-mail in PDF format.

Returnable Option (fee due yearly)

Bookstores are more likely to stock your book and/or order copies for their venue if they know any unsold copies can be returned for a refund. Making your book returnable is viewed favorable by bookstores and is an option they receive with books published by major publishing houses.

Rush Service

Placing your book up front in regards to production, PENDIUM will work extremely fast to have your book ready within 30 to 60 days, rather than the normal 90 to 120 days.

Promotional Items (includes design and printing)

The following prices include the design, printing and shipping of the promotional items.
1000 Business Cards: $225.00
1000 Postcards: $225.00
1000 Bookmarks: $225.00