Our authors are more than just an ISBN # to us. We know without them, there would be no us. Each author accepted under our umbrella becomes a part of a special family, and we do our best to make sure the experience with us is always more than what’s expected.

You can see from titles published under PENDIUM that we don’t allow our books to become casualties of unprofessionalism. With PENDIUM, you may self-publish your book, but your book doesn’t have to look self-published. Surely your work deserves to be associated with something better. Aligning yourself with PENDIUM gives you a publisher that doesn’t try to profit from your book in every imaginable way.

Our competitors are aware that many authors entering into the literary community today are novices to the book industry. Without sufficient knowledge of all aspects, many find that publishing their book can be an overwhelming process. Even more, after pouring your heart and soul into your book, you are now left to find a publisher who will ultimately play an even greater part in your book’s success. You need someone you can trust, not someone trying to sell you every service they offer and that you probably don’t need.

How our competitors make money on your book:

  • First, they charge you high upfront costs to produce your book.

  • Second, they take a share of your royalties from every book sold.

  • Third, they offer you a small discount (off the list price) when you need copies.

  • Fourth, they earn a profit each time you order your own books.

  • Fifth, you’re overcharged for marketing services that produce little results.

How PENDIUM operates:

  • Low cost associated with producing your book.

  • You earn 100% of your royalties from online sales, minus print cost / retailer discount.

  • You only pay print cost for your book when you need copies, which makes it more cost-effective for you.

  • No overpriced marketing services you don’t need.

There are no catches, no hidden cost, and no sales pitches. What we say is what we do. We put it in writing.

Everything an Author Needs for a Chance to Succeed.
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