Identity Crisis

The Root of Its Beginning

Author : Carrie M. Carter
Paperback : 64 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 9781944348014


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Have you ever experienced a crisis in your life that left you so numb, in a condition of instability or danger that impacted you socially and emotionally? Have you wondered for years where the pain originated? Have you found yourself asking questions like how did I get here? Why have I been in this same place for years, seeing no progress? What am I afraid of; is it ME?

Identity Crisis is a book that has been birthed out of my own personal experience with a life crisis that eventually led me to wandering in my own identity. My deepest desire is for every reader to understand that there is a fundamental root cause to our underlying pain for which many have been suppressed for years by medicating feelings, masking pain and/or acting out in behavior or lifestyles. Some issues may have never been our fault, yet there are some we may have caused. Whatever the may be, life doesn’t end there! This book seeks to inspire, challenge, and enhance self-discovery by identifying, confronting and conquering those hidden wounds that have been lying dormant and causing us to walk in an identity crisis, not knowing our own true identity, purpose, value or worth. With no resolve to these issues we view ourselves through the lenses of someone else. We can OVERCOME; today is our day to walk in total healing and restoration while loving who we are and knowing no one can beat you being you.

It’s time to walk in your own authentic self, unapologetically!

Dr. Carrie Carter is Compassionate, Charismatic and Caring. Being a wife and mother is her heartbeat and priority. She is a Pastor that gives her all to reaching those that are hurt, dismayed and disheartened. Her aspiration is to enrich the lives of others through prayer, biblical impartation and mentor-ship. Dr. Carter has committed her life to going the distance for others by making the necessary sacrifices and sharing her life experience. Her life is a testament of advancing through adversity by putting God first and walking by faith.