Inspired Right Now

Author : Brother Minister William Parks
Paperback : 92 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-936513-89-5


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This book is about power and authority and the wisdom from God and its design for endurance with a high level of Faith. No matter what the circumstances that you will face in this world, today defeat as a child of God is impossible. It’s also about your confessions and that you believe in Christ and the finish work that He did. Men and women of God we must maintain confidence and stay encouraged at all times. Remember once again that our faith plays a significant role in opening the treasure chest of heaven, and as a result your life will start to unfold with the goodness of God. Inspiration is what it’s all about, so stay away from doubt and disbelief. God has given me the wisdom and knowledge to help inspire people to seek Him first.

Brother Minister William Parks
Brother William Parks is an up and coming psalmist, who is gifted by the Holy Ghost and by his faith in God to inspire the entire nation to be Imitators of Christ Jesus. Brother Parks is a great man of integrity that does not let offence or oppression have any power in his life because the cross has done it all. Through Gods grace and faith the believer cannot fail, it is above all and everlasting. Brother Parks has seen this faithfulness play out in his own life many times. God’s ability to heal and save is the ultimate, it’s above all and everlasting. Through every trial, Brother Parks wants you to remember that constant prayer and praise is needed.