Living In a Glass House

Author : Rafaela Mceachin
Paperback : 216 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-63-2
Publishing Format : 5.5 x 8.5


The word is “You cannot serve two Gods”, but she tried to. Not knowing the “Godly” walk, Rafaela was in the midst of taking a long journey with her new husband who would eventually face 7-14 years in prison. As she asked God to help her through her voyage, she took a wrong turn, became the devil’s advocate and served him instead. Struggling to be the wife of an inmate who was an Atheist, a mother to her stepson, an entrepreneur, and a NYC Sanitation employee; Rafaela turned into a Hustler by night. Taking on her husband’s business, she turned out to be ruthless and a person she thought she’d never become. Rafaela was rough, rugged and raw; living life like a “Soprano”. She never thought it would end but in 1998 Rafaela grew very ill; an illness that knocked her off her feet.

Through it all, Rafaela still managed to serve the devil while continuing to live the fabulous life. She had everything a girl could dream of; a new house, fancy cars, mink coats, designer clothes and shoes…lets also not forget the expensive handbags, and stacks of cash. Whatever Rafaela wanted, she got! But when the “Master” that rules took it all away, it came down hard and fast. By forgetting who was in charge of all of her blessings, Rafaela experienced a tremendous downfall in her life.

Rafaela Mceachin
Rafaela McEachin was born on June 5, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Erasmus Hall H.S. of Performing Arts at the age of sixteen, and following her high school graduation enrolled in Shenandoah University & Conservatory in Virginia. Rafaela was a double major of theater and business. Due to financial difficulties she was forced to return to New York City after attaining an Associate’s Degree. Back in her hometown, Rafaela worked in a number of arenas and later became an entrepreneur owning her own entertainment business and hair salon. Now, Rafaela is an inspiring author who has decided to begin her writing career by releasing her life testimonies in a series of books, with the first being “The Many Hats of a Woman” (2007). As a result of her success Rafaela will now be releasing her second testimonial book “Living in a Glass House”.