Long Distance Runner

Running to Receive the Prize

Author : Van I. Sharpe
Paperback : 130 pages
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1944348847


This book is written to inspire you to go the distance in the race that you have been chosen by God to run. It will enlighten you with golden nuggets concerning receiving the rewards or prize. These truths will burn like fire in your heart as you read what it takes to be a long distance runner in life. You will find the ability to regain your momentum and inspire others to recapture theirs.

Bishop Van I. Sharpe will help you tap into your inner strength and go the distance. This book will help you face your challenges and obstacles with a belief in your dreams that you will never give up until things turn out for the best.

Bishop Van Irvin Sharpe is the founder and pastor of the Newness of Life Christian Center located in Tarboro, N.C. He has been pastoring for approximately 36 years. His ministry includes evangelizing, radio outreach, television ministry, and overseeing several pastors. He has authored ten other books entitled: How To Overpower Discouragement, Seeking God Makes You Prosper, Sheep Taming Wolves, Don’t Lose Yours Trying To Save Theirs, The Blessings Of Rejection, Spiritual Upgrade, Riding The Back Of A Sower, I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Women Of Substance, and Where Are Those Miracles. He, along with his lovely wife, Resunester, has also released a music CD called Determined.