The Rise & Fall of Love’s Gravitational Pull

(Release Date 8/1/2020)

Author : G.I. Barrett, II
Paperback : 5.5 x 8.5
Imprint : PENDIUM
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-944348-83-0
Publishing Format : Paperback


Lovey’s scorching need for inspiration and love leads him down dark paths with women and violence while simultaneously learning about faith and passion in his ability to love even though he was heartbroken internally from all who left him unexpectedly. After experiencing his father’s death and countless loveless, addictive acts with women, Lovey turns to wisdom from his neighbors in the attempt to figure out why he feels so alone in his quest for lost love and indulges in building a lasting relationship with a young woman who captured his heart.

Determined to not let his dying student down, he finds courage in the words of the student and forgets about his own troubles to see his student’s dire need for parental love and aspiration fulfilled. Lovey’s parallel, adult emotional state leads him to feel that if he can set the example by tying all his experiences together to find that love has many paths and if he can accept the fact that love is unexplainable he will ultimately be lead out of the dark and into a light of reclamation and spiritual fortitude.

G.I. Barrett, II

From literary magazines to poetry to short stories to local newspapers in North Carolina, G. I. Barrett, II has upheld the passion to tell invigorating stories. 

General, a native of Greenville, NC, is a well-nourished activist for love and expresses his opinions throughout his life on any panel and at any dinner table.  General understands the need to embrace his storytelling and often travels to many places to ignite the untold story within.  His imagination has helped him in freelancing projects and also given his readers the power to dream of worlds drenching with dynamic plots.